Industrial Robotics and Automation

The Rapidly Increasing Competition In The Industry Requires Quality Products At A Competitive Price. Currently, The Most Influential Way To Solve This Issue Is Industrial Automation.


Industrial Automation Is The Use Of Technology To Control And Monitor Industrial Processes, Such As Manufacturing, Assembly, And Packaging. It Involves The Integration Of Various Systems And Technologies, Including Robotics, Computer-Controlled Equipment, And Sensors, To Improve The Efficiency, Productivity, And Quality Of Industrial Operations.

Advantages Of Industrial Automation

Our Industrial Automation Systems Are Designed To Help You

Increase production
efficiency throughout

Improve product quality
and consistency

Reduce labor cost and
human error

Enhance safety and comply
with industrial regulations


We offer a range of robots for different applications, such as material handling, welding and painting. Our robots are easy to program and integrate with other equipment.


Our Programmable Logic Controllers are used to control and monitor industrial processes. They are robust, reliable, and easy to use.


We offer range of sensors for different applications, such as temperature, pressure, and position. Our sensors are accurate and easy to install


Our software used to program and control industrial automation systems. It is user-friendly and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

A Great Service

Control Panels

To Ensure That The Requirements Of All Kinds Of Electrical Control Panel System (Manufacturing) Are Catered To Through Our Fully Equipped Design, Fabrication & Testing Facilities. We Have A Strong, Experienced & Professional Team With Technological, Design And Implementation Competence For All Kinds Of Electrical Control Panels. We Produce A Standard Documentation Package That Encompasses All Aspects Of The Design Phases, Including Pre-Order. All Documentation Is Cross-Referenced And Is Produced According To International Standards. This Ensures That The End User Has All The Information Available In A Precise Standard Quality-Controlled Format. With Our Approach You Can Be Assured That All Our Systems Are Simple To Understand And Are Designed For Ease Of Maintenance.

Our Control Panel Systems Offer Several Benefits For
Manufacturing Operations Including


Our Control Panels are Designed
to Provide Precise Control of
The Manufacturing Process, Reducing Downtime and Increasing Productivity


Our Control Panels are Designed with
Safety in Mind and Comply with Industry Regulations to Protect Operators
and Equipment


Our Control Panels are Designed to be Energy-Efficient and Can Help Reduce Electricity Consumption and Costs.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Electrical Control Panel Systems
For Different Applications Including


Our PLC-Based Control Panels Use Programmable Logic Controllers To Provide Precise Control Of The Manufacturing Process. They Are Easy To Use And Can Be Programmed To Meet Specific Needs.


We Also Design And Build Custom Control Panels To Meet Specific Customer Needs And Requirements.


Our VFD Control Panels Use Variable Frequency Drives To Control The Speed Of Motors. They Are Energy-Efficient And Can Help Reduce Electricity Costs.

Customized Testing Products & Rigs

Automatic Test Rigs (ATR) Or Automated Test Equipment (ATE) Can Be A Type Of Electronic Test Equipment That Is Controlled By A Computer. It Is Used To Automatically Test And Evaluate Electronic Devices, Such As Integrated Circuits, Printed Circuit Boards, And Other Types Of Electronic Components. A Simple Example Of An ATE Can Be A Computer Controlled Digital Multimeter, Which Is A Device That Can Measure Various Electrical Parameters, Such As Voltage, Current, And Resistance. This Can Greatly Improve The Efficiency And Accuracy Of Testing, As Well As Reduce The Need For Manual Labor. Additionally, Automated Test Equipment Can Also Be Integrated Into A Larger Production Line, Allowing For Real-Time Testing And Monitoring Of Electronic Devices During Manufacturing.

Based On Customer Requirement We Can Develop Efficient And Perfectly Suitable Test Equipment.







Our Data Analytics Expertise

Automated Test Equipment Application Markets

Mechanical Applications
Mechanical Applications
1. To test the performance of mechanical systems and components, such as engines, transmissions, and bearings

2. To simulate different operating conditions and load scenarios, and measure the resulting performance of the mechanical system.

3. To determine dimensions, surface finish, and mechanical properties
Electrical and Electronic
Electrical and Electronic
1. To perform a series of tests, such as measuring voltage, current, and resistance, and automatically comparing the results to expected values.

2. To improve the efficiency and accuracy of testing, as well as reduce the need for manual labor.
1. To ensure the safety and reliability of aircraft, missiles, and other high-tech equipment.

2. To test the performance of aircraft components under extreme conditions, such as high altitude, high speed, and high temperatures.

3. To simulate various flight scenarios, such as takeoff, landing, and emergency situations, and measure the response of the aircraft.
Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing
1. To test the performance of 3D printed parts under different conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and stress.

2. To identify any potential issues with the 3D printed part, such as warping or cracking, and help to improve the design and manufacturing process.

3.A software can be used to analyze the scan data and detect any defects.
Our Tools

Computer Control Automation

Testing procedures
Setting up measurements
Collecting data
Analysing results