With a steadfast commitment to technological advancement and innovation, Revaron crafts tailored solutions that cater to the intricate demands of modern industries. Leveraging expertise in embedded systems, the company designs specialized computing platforms optimized for specific applications, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance within larger systems or devices. Furthermore, Revaron’s prowess in control systems empowers industries to regulate and manage complex processes with precision.

A Great Service

Hardware and Software Solutions

We Offer A Wide Range Of Hardware Design Services, Including Microcontroller And Micoprocesser -Based Control Systems, Sensor And Actuator Design, Data Acquisition System, Power Management And Supply Design, And Communication And Networking Solutions. Our Team Has Expertise In A Various Fields, Including Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, And Mechanical Engineering, Which Enables Us To Tackle Complex Design Challenges And Deliver High-Quality Solutions. In Addition To Our Hardware Design Services, We Also Offer Prototyping, Testing, And Production Support To Ensure That Our Customers’ Projects Are Completed On Time And Within Budget. Our Team Is Committed To Delivering The Highest Level Of Customer Satisfaction, And We Work Closely With Our Customers To Understand Their Needs And Deliver Solutions That Meet Their Requirements.


If You Are In Need Of Hardware Design Services, We Encourage You To Contact Us To Learn More About How We Can Help. We Look Forward To Working With You And Helping You Bring Your Vision To Life!

Our Common Design Services

System Architecture Design, Schematic Design & Verification

PCB Layout Desgin, Gerber Creation and Verification

Hardware Design Validation

Device Driver Development for Various I/O Devices

Customized Software Development for Embedded Products

System Architecture Design, Schematic Design & Verification

Control Systems

Control Systems Are Used To Monitor And Control Various Types Of Devices And Systems, Such As Robots, Manufacturing Processes, And Power Plants. We Believe They Are An Essential Component Of Many Modern Systems And Play A Vital Role In Ensuring Reliability, Efficiency, And Safety. We Offer A Wide Range Of Control Engineering Services, Including The Design And Development Of Microcontroller-Based Control Systems, Real-Time Control Systems, And Automation Systems.

Our Team Has Diverse Expertise Which Enables Us To Tackle Complex Design Challenges And Deliver High-Quality Solutions. We Do This By Development Of Custom Control Algorithms, Which Are Used To Specify The Specific Actions That The Control System Should Take In Response To Various Inputs And Conditions. For Example, These Algorithms Are Typically Implemented In Software Or Firmware And Are Used To Control Various Types Of Actuators, Such As Motors, Pumps, And Valves, As Well As To Gather And Process Data From Range Of Sensors In Real-Time.






If You Are In Need Of Control Engineering Services For Your Project, We Encourage You To Contact Us To Learn More About How We Can Help.

Our Data Analytics Expertise

Graphical UI / UX Design

We Understand The Importance Of Having A User-Friendly And Visually Appealing Interface For Your Products And Applications. That’s Why We Offer Top-Quality GUI Design Services To Help Our Clients Create Intuitive And Visually Appealing Interfaces That Enhance The User Experience.

Our Team Of Experienced Engineers And Designers Specialises In Creating Custom GUI Designs That Meet The Specific Needs And Requirements Of Our Academic And Industrial Clients. We Offer A Range Of Services, Including Design, Development, Testing, And Implementation, To Ensure That Our Clients Have The Tools And Support They Need To Succeed.

Discovery & R&D
Discovery & R&D
Discovery is the process of uncovering or finding something new. It can be a scientific breakthrough, a personal realization, or an exploration of the unknown. It often involves curiosity, observation, and experimentation. Through discovery, we expand our knowledge, challenge our assumptions, and open doors to new possibilities. Discovery is the act of uncovering or finding something new.
MVP Development
MVP Development
MVP development is a product development strategy that focuses on creating a minimum viable product with essential features. It allows businesses to gather user feedback early on, validate their ideas, and iterate quickly. By prioritizing core functionalities, MVP development helps save time and resources while delivering value to customers.
MVP Rollout and Testing
MVP Rollout and Testing
MVP rollout and testing are crucial steps in the product development process. It involves releasing the Minimum Viable Product to a select group of users to gather feedback and identify any issues or improvements. Testing helps ensure the product meets user expectations and functions as intended. It is essential for a successful product launch.
IoT Scaling
IoT Scaling
IoT scaling refers to the ability to handle the increasing number of connected devices in an IoT network. It involves managing the growth of data, ensuring network reliability, and maintaining security. Scaling is crucial to support the expanding IoT ecosystem and enable efficient data processing and analysis. Effective scaling strategies include cloud computing, edge computing, and the use of scalable IoT platforms.
IoT Ecosystem Setup
IoT Ecosystem Setup
Setting up an IoT ecosystem involves connecting devices, collecting data, and enabling communication between them. This requires selecting compatible hardware, implementing secure protocols, and integrating with cloud platforms. Additionally, data analytics and visualization tools are essential for extracting meaningful insights. A well-designed IoT ecosystem ensures seamless connectivity.