Indian Institute Of Science Bengaluru, India


“We are delighted with the exceptional solutions and services provided by Revaron. Their cutting-edge technology and expertise have played a pivotal role in advancing our research and innovation at the Indian Institute of Science (IISC).”
Prof.Praveen Ramamurthy, IOCW Chair – Indian Institute of Science (IISC)

Our Process

At IISC, we continually strive for excellence in our scientific endeavors, and partnering with Revaron has been a game-changer for us. Their comprehensive suite of solutions and services has revolutionized our research capabilities, enabling us to achieve breakthrough results.


Revaron’s state-of-the-art laboratory automation systems have transformed our workflows, making them more efficient, precise, and reliable. Their solutions have seamlessly integrated into our existing infrastructure, enhancing our productivity and allowing our researchers to focus on what matters most: advancing knowledge and making significant discoveries.


The team at Revaron has been exceptional in understanding our unique requirements and tailoring solutions to meet our specific needs. Their in-depth technical knowledge, coupled with their commitment to delivering excellence, has made them a trusted partner in our scientific pursuits.


We have leveraged Revaron’s advanced robotics and instrumentation to automate complex experimental processes, leading to significant time savings and increased data accuracy. The reliability and precision of their systems have greatly contributed to the quality and reproducibility of our research outcomes.


In addition to their outstanding technological solutions, the Revaron team has consistently provided prompt and effective support. Their responsiveness and willingness to go the extra mile to address our queries and challenges have been truly commendable.

Collaborating with Revaron has not only enhanced our research capabilities but has also positioned us at the forefront of scientific innovation. Their solutions have empowered our researchers to explore new frontiers and push the boundaries of knowledge.


We wholeheartedly endorse Revaron as a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions and services for the scientific community. Their commitment to innovation, technical expertise, and customer-centric approach make them an invaluable partner in our pursuit of scientific excellence.

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